Pima County Probate Attorney

Tucson Lawyer for Inheritance Rights

There are a lot of things to consider before you enter the probate process. In addition to questions about the cost of the process, you want to weigh the risks of losing assets and conflicts with creditors. You want to make sure property is distributed correctly if you do not have a will to guide you.

I am Pima County probate lawyer Mark Ralles, and I have been helping Arizona families and businesses through the probate process for over 24 years. I am ready to guide you through the entire process and help you evaluate your full range of concerns, so you can develop a strategy tailored to meet your immediate concerns and long-term goals.

Guiding You Through the Probate Process

When someone passes away, their beneficiaries will have to go through the probate process in order to come up with a plan. There are many forms of probate available, so it is important to find a strategy that works for you.

Without an experienced attorney on your side, there are a number of things that could go wrong. You may enter the probate process when a simpler estate settlement option is available. If you make unnecessary steps or fail to address certain parts of the process, you may fail to protect the estate. I will make sure you take care of all your responsibilities within a timely manner, so you reach the solutions that work best for you.

From the moment I meet with you, I will help you understand the process and your options, so you can make well-informed decisions that work for the estate and all the heirs involved. If there are ways to shorten the procedures and protect your family, I will help you find them.

There are few lawyers in the Tucson area who have as many years of probate experience as I have. Open weekdays from nine to five, I also offer after-hours and off-site appointments. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the probate process.