Start Planning Your Future

The more assets you have, the more important it is for you to find estate planning and business succession planning solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether you want to hold onto your business after you are no longer able to work or you want to find a way to keep your business in your family, an experienced lawyer can help you from start to finish.

I am Tucson business succession and probate attorney Mark Ralles, and I have been helping individuals and businesses across southern Arizona plan for their futures for over 24 years. I have the experience and the resources to help you develop a comprehensive plan for your future or settle a property distribution dispute through probate.

My Practice Areas

Focused upon businesses law, probate and estate planning since 1987, I opened the doors to my Tucson office in 1994. Over that time, I have helped a diverse range of clients avoid the little problems that can turn into big problems when they are not addressed in a timely manner. Able to catch information that leads to potential breakdowns, I can help you address your concerns and avoid conflict through estate and business management.

Whatever concerns you face, I will look at every aspect of your family or business’s needs when planning for the immediate and long-term future. Looking carefully at your expectations and needs after the death of a family member of business owner, I will help you make well-informed decisions on how to preserve confidential information and protect your wealth.

  • Probate and estate settlement: As a Tucson probate attorney with over two decades of experience, I understand how settlements work in these cases. I will make sure you are able to take full advantage of the probate code.
  • Business succession planning: Comprehensive and thorough, I will help you consider the resources you have available and determine which tools will allow you to best pass on your business after your death.

Discuss Your Case With Me Today

There are a lot of ways to approach these difficult decisions, so make sure you have a lawyer on your side who can help you explore your full range of options. My Tucson offices are open weekdays from nine to five, and I offer additional hours and off-site visits by special appointment as well. Contact me online today to schedule a consultation and learn more.